picto fleche ATEX field documenting calibrator with high accuracy 0.01%

CALYS 80 IS is an ATEX documenting multifunction calibrator within CALYS IS range.

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CALYS 80 IS is an ATEX documenting multifunction calibrator within CALYS IS range. It is the perfect tool for advanced process maintenance and use on test bench in hazardous and non-hazardous areas. Suitable for all field and lab measurements, it can simultaneously measure and generate over two isolated channels various signals of temperature, resistance, process, pressure and frequency in one single instrument.

Providing extended functionalities (temperature simulation, scaling, steps, synthesizer, statistical functions…) and audit trails, CALYS IS series complies with both 21 CFR Part 11 and NADCAP Heat Treatment standards and makes advanced data exploitation and full data traceability easier. CALYS IS can store and recall up to 10 complete instrument configurations and values with manual or automatic recall for easy and quick work in the field.

The dual channel display allows a simultaneous indication of the measured and the simulated values. The graphic mode allows the trend to be displayed.

Pressure calibration:

Single or dual range internal pressure modules can be configured in CALYS 80 IS and 120 IS to provide gauge, absolute and differential pressure measurements. External interchangeable pressure module can be connected to any model in order to extend the pressure range up to 700 bar.

Using this user-friendly instrument, calibration tasks can be quickly carried out over the whole process chain. Take the 1.4 kg documenting process calibrator to the field with you during the whole week with 10 calibration procedures stored in the device. Run the procedure after connecting the probes to the instrument and save the results for onsite easy and quick calibration. Back to the office, you can then upload the data on a computer in order to issue customized calibration certificates with dedicated calibration software DATACAL.



Key features:

  • ATEX compliance: ATEX Ex II 1G EEx ia IIC T4 –20°C Tamb +50°C) X
  • Switch test, leak test

Specifications and performances in temperature @23°C ±5°C

Uncertainty is given in % of reading (CALYS 80 IS display) + fixed value.

Resistive probes: Measurement and simulation

SensorRange (Input and Output)ResolutionAccuracy / 1 year
Pt100 (α = 3850)-200°C to +850°C0.01°C0.01% RDG + 0.05°C
Pt100 (α = 3926)-200°C to +850°C0.01°C0.01% RDG + 0.05°C
Pt100 (α = 3902)-200°C to +650°C0.01°C0.01% RDG + 0.05°C
Pt100 (α = JIS SAMA)-200°C to +600°C0.01°C0.01% RDG + 0.05°C
Pt200 (α = 3851)-200°C to +850°C0.1°C0.01% RDG + 0.15°C
Pt500 (α = 3851)-200°C to +850°C0.1°C0.01% RDG + 0.1°C
Pt1000 (α = 3851)-200°C to +850°C0.01°C0.01% RDG + 0.1°C
Cu10 (α = 427)-70°C to +150°C0.1°C0.01% RDG + 0.4°C
Cu100 (α = 428)-180°C to +150°C0.1°C0.01% RDG + 0.05°C
Ni100 (α = 618)-60°C to +180°C0.1°C0.01% RDG + 0.05°C
Ni120 (α = 672)0°C to +150°C0.1°C0.01% RDG + 0.05°C

Connections: 2, 3 and 4 wires
Rtd simulation excitation current: from 0.1 to 4 mA without incremental error
Rtd measurement excitation current: 0.2 mA
Rtd cable compensation: up to 100 m (for each wire)
Rtd cable compensation error (Pt100):  ± 0.005°C/ of total wire
Maximum load resistance: 600 Ω @ 20 mA

Thermocouples: Measurement and simulation

TypeRangeRésolutionAccuracy / 1 an
J-210 to +1200°C0.01°C0.01% RDG + 0.1°C
K-270 to +1370°C0.01°C0.01% RDG + 0.1°C
T-270 to +400°C0.01°C0.01% RDG + 0.1°C
R-50 to 1760°C0.1°C0.01% RDG + 0.2°C
S-50 to 1760°C0.1°C0.01% RDG + 0.2°C
B+50 à +1820°C0.1°C0.01% RDG + 0.3°C
C0 to 2300°C0.1°C0.01% RDG + 0.2°C
G0 to 2300°C0.1°C0.01% RDG + 0.3°C
D0 to 2300°C0.1°C0.01% RDG + 0.3°C
U-200 to +400°C0.01°C0.01% RDG + 0.1°C
L-200 to +760°C0.01°C0.01% RDG + 0.1°C
N-270 to +1300°C0.01°C0.01% RDG + 0.1°C
E-270 to +1300°C0.1°C0.01% RDG + 0.1°C
F0 to +1400°C0.1°C0.01% RDG + 0.1°C

Display units: °C, °F et K
Resolution: 0.01°C / 0.01°F
Temperature scale: ITS90 and IPTS68
Reference junction compensation: internal automatic from -10°C to +55°C or external
Rj compensation drift: ± 0.002°C/°C (from -10 °C to +45 °C) - Class A Pt100
Input impedance: > 10 MΩ 

Specifications and performances in pressure @23°C ±5°C


Pressure media: AISI 316 SS compatible fluids (water, gas, and oil)
Temperature compensation: Automatic with built-in calibration matrix
Engineering units: mbar, bar, hPa, kPa, Mpa, kg/cm2, kg/m2, psi, mmH2O, cmH2O, mH2O, Torr, atm, lb/ft2, inH2O, FTH2O, mmHg, cmHg, mHg, inHg
Accuracy: accuracies given for 1 year, include non linearity, hysteresis, and repeatability.
Temperature coefficient inside the temperature compensated range: ± 0.002% RDG /°C
Compensation range: 0°C to 45°C 

Measurement by internal pressure module

IPM000100G-100 / 100 mbar Gauge0.001 mbar
IPM000500G-500 / 500 mbar Gauge0.01 mbar
IPM002000G-0.95 / 2 bar Gauge0.01 mbar
IPM007000G-0.95 / 7 bar Gauge0.1 mbar
IPM020000G-0.95 / 20 bar Gauge0.1 mbar
IPM002000A2 bar Absolute0.01 mbar
IPM020000A20 bar Absolute0.1 mbar

Accuracy: ± 0.025% F.S.
Overpressure: 125% F.S.
Port: female, 1/8" BSP

Measurement by external pressure module

EPM000100G-100 / 100 mbar Gauge0.001 mbar
EPM000500G-500 / 500 mbar Gauge0.01 mbar
EPM001000G-0.95 / 1 bar Gauge0.01 mbar
EPM002000G-0.95 / 2 bar Gauge0.01 mbar
EPM007000G-0.95 / 7 bar Gauge0.1 mbar
EPM200000G-0.95 / 20 bar Gauge0.1 mbar
EPM035000G0.95 / 35 bar Gauge1 mbar
EPM070000G0 / 70 bar Gauge1 mbar
EPM150000G0 / 150 bar Gauge1 mbar
EPM350000G0 / 350 bar Gauge10 mbar
EPM700000G0 / 700 bar Gauge1 mbar
EPM002000A2 bar Absolute0.01 mbar
EPM020000A20 bar Absolute0.1 mbar

Accuracy: ± 0.025% F.S.
Overpressure: 125% F.S.
Port: male, 1/4" BSP
Connection wire length: 2 m

Specifications and performances in process @23°C ±5°C

DC voltage: Measurement and simulation

RangeResolutionAccuracy / 1 an
-20 mV to +200 mV1 µV0.01% RDG + 3 µV
-0,2 V to +2 V10 µV0.01% RDG + 10 µV
-2 V to +12 V100 µV0.01% RDG + 100 µV

Input impedance:
< 10 MΩ for ranges up to 2 V
> 500 kΩ for ranges up to 20 V
Output impedance (emf output): < 0.5 Ω with a maximum current of 0.5 mA
Output noise (at 300 Hz):
< 2 μV pp for ranges up to 200 mV
< 10 μV pp for ranges up to 2 V
< 80 μV pp for ranges up to 20 V

DC current: Measurement and simulation

With or without loop supply

RangeResolutionAccuracy / 1 an
0 mA to 21 mA0.1 µA0.01% RDG + 0.4 µA
-5 mA to 50 mA0.1 µA0.01% RDG + 0.4 µA

Input impedance: < 20 Ω at 1 mA
Maximum load resistance: 600 Ω at 21 mA
Loop supply: 12 V ± 5%

Resistance: Measurement and simulation

TypeRangeResolutionAccuracy / 1 an
Measurement0 to 500 Ω10 mΩ0.01% RDG + 12 mΩ
0 to 5000 Ω100 mΩ0.01% RDG + 120 mΩ
Simulation0 to 500 Ω10 mΩ0.01% RDG + 40 mΩ
0 to 5000 Ω100 mΩ0.01% RDG + 320 mΩ

Connections: 2, 3 and 4 wires
Source resistance effects: ± 1 μV error for 1000 Ω source resistance
Simulation excitation current: from 0.1 to 4 mA without incremental error
Measurement excitation current: 0.2 mA
Maximum load resistance: 600 Ω @ 20 mA 

Frequency, pulse: Measurement and simulation

TypeRangeResolutionAccuracy / 1an
Frequency1 to 200 Hz0.001 Hz0.005% RDG + 0.001 Hz
1 to 2 kHz0.01 Hz0.005% RDG + 0.01 Hz
1 to 20 kHz0.1 Hz0.005% RDG + 0.1 Hz


0 to 1061 pulse0.01% RDG

Input impedance: > 500 kΩ

Further features

Scaling in measurement and simulation modesSetup of zero and span programmable within -399999 and +999999
Scaling allows process signals to be displayed in % of FS or in all other units. This function also allows sensors to be corrected after a calibration.
Square rootIn combination with scaling function
Statistical functionshold, max, min, offset, zero, average
Transmitters testsThe feature enables any pressure or temperature transmitter to be controlled and calibrated with simultaneous display of input and output values in % F.S. or in actual unit.
The measuring circuit is also able to power the loop for a direct connection to the transmitter under test.
Ramps generationAutoramp and Autostep capability with Start, End, and Step programmable parameters
Single and continuous cycle with Start, End, Rises, Soaks, and Falls programmable parameters
The signal value setting uses a unique in-line single-digit setting mode or a direct numeric entry
Direct keypad access to n.10 programmable memory stored values
Transmitter functionCALYS IS can be used as a transmitter. Any input signal (electric or pressure) can be converted into a 4-20 mA output.
The galvanic insulation between the input and output channels allows this function o be used on the prcess directly.
Switch testTemperature, signal and pressure switches can be tested using this advanced procedure. The calibrator will hold the display reading when the contact changes status.

General specifications

Size290 x 98 x 57 mm
Weight1.4 kg
Display240 x 320 pixel liquid crystal graphical display with backlite and contrast control
Display of result as table of values or trend curve
Power supply230 V ± 10 %, 50/60 Hz
BatteryType: NiMh
Charging time: 8 h, 6 h if instrument switched off
Life time: 8 h (Tc and V), 3 h at 20 mA
Communication portsRS 232
Storage capacity10 data with manual or automatic recall

Environmental specifications

Reference range23°C ± 5°C (RH: 45 to 75 % condensing)
Operating reference range-10 to 55°C (RH: 95 % non condensing)
Storage temperature limits0°C to +60°C (without battery)
Maximum height0 to 2000 m
IP protectionIP54 according to EN60529

Safety specifications

  • Thermal fuse
  • High voltage suppressor
  • Resistor-diode voltage limiter
Classclass II 1G Ex ia IIC T4 (-20°C from T Ambient to +50°C)



CALYS80 IS           On-site ATEX documenting multifunction calibrator with high accuracy 0.01%

Delivered in standard with:

  • User manual
  • Battery charger
  • Protection rubber holster
  • Factory test report 

Internal pressure sensors - AISI316SS - ± 0.025% FS: (2 maximum)

IPM000100G           -100 / 100 mbar (gauge) - Res. 0.001 mbar

IPM000500G           -500 / 500 mbar (gauge) - Res. 0.01 mbar

IPM002000G           -0.95 / 2 bar (gauge) - Res. 0.01 mbar

IPM007000G           -0.95 / 7 bar (gauge) - Res. 0.1 mbar

IPM020000G           -0.95 / 20 bar (gauge) - Res. 0.1 mbar

IPM002000A           2 bar (absolute) - Res. 0.01 mbar

IPM020000A           20 bar (absolute) - Res. 0.1 mbar 

External pressure sensors - AISI316SS - ± 0.025% FS:

EPM000100G          -100 / 100 mbar (gauge) - Res. 0.001 mbar

EPM000500G          -500 / 500 mbar (gauge) - Res. 0.01 mbar

EPM001000G          -0.95 / 1 bar (gauge) - Res. 0.01 mbar

EPM002000G          -0,95 / 2 bar (gauge) – Res. 0,01 mbar

EPM007000G          -0.95 / 7 bar (gauge) - Res. 0.1 mbar

EPM020000G          -0.95 / 20 bar (gauge) - Res. 0.1 mbar

EPM035000G          -0.95 / 35 bar (gauge) - Res. 0.1 mbar

EPM070000G          -0.95 / 70 bar (gauge) - Res. 0.1 mbar

EPM150000G          -0.95 / 150 bar (gauge) - Res. 1 mbar

EPM700000G          -0.95 / 700 bar (gauge) - Res. 1 mbar

EPM002000A          2 bar (absolute) - Res. 0.01 mbar

EPM020000A          20 bar (absolute) - Res. 0.1 mbar

External hand pump:

F3280013               From -0.8 to 2 bar pressure pump

F3280019               From -0.95 to 40 bar pressure pump

F3280018               From 0 to 350 bar oil / water pump

F3280015               External 700 bar oil / water pump

F3280015               External 700 bar oil / water pump with high pressure hose

  + EE372008

F3280016               External 1000 bar oil/water pump with high pressure hose

  + EE372008

F3280022               700 bar oil/water compact bench

EE480053              1/4" BSPM / NPT F kit (1/8"; 1/4"; 3/8"; 1/2")

EE480054              1/4" BSPM / BSP kit (1/2" M; 1/2" F, 3/8" F, 1/8" F)

Further accessories:

EE300040              Electrical signal test leads

BB880043              Vinyl carrying case with accessories folder

BB530212              USB Cable

BB530203              RS232 PC Cable

EE300122              Compensated TC cables J; K; T; R, S

EE300204              MiniDin Connectors Kit Tc J, K, T, S Female connector

EE300205              MiniDin Connectors Kit Tc J, K, T, S Male connector 


DATACAL              Calibration software for CALYS 75 / 100 / 150

                            Supplied with USB cable


QMA11EN              COFRAC certificate of calibration

                            With all relevant data points where the device has been tested

Packing information:

Size                       290 mm x 98 mm x 57 mm

Weight without packing   

CALYS 60 / 80 / 80P / 120 / 120P IS

Instruction manual


Data management software


Instruction manual in English


Manuale d’istruzione