Established in 1896 in the nearby of Paris, France, AOIP, an ASGARD group company, designs, manufactures and markets a wide range of solutions in two different core activities: Test and Measurement instrumentation and Electrical motor control.

Test and Measurement pole, solutions for every work

We offer high quality robust instruments, software and services in traceability, calibration, monitoring, validation of process equipment to various customers and distributors worldwide. With high accurate solutions, easy-to-use instruments and high level software and services, we meet as well laboratory as production and onsite maintenance requirements:

  • For laboratories and research purposes, AOIP offers reference standards that ensure the metrological traceability of measurements.
  • For maintenance activities, a wide range of portable instruments can be used onsite for measurements, verification and calibration.
  • Within the industry, AOIP offer -from sensor to supervising data acquisition system- ensures process monitoring, remote centraled control and motor control with our starters.
  • For the telecom and network sector, AOIP provides specialized test and certification instruments for copper cables and LAN networks.
  • In pyrotechnics, AOIP designs and manufactures firing units and measurement instruments over pyrotechnical equipment where user safety is at stake.
  • For combustion analysis, AOIP instruments meet the needs of both industrial and domestic boilers.

Our Test and Measurement solutions are thus suitable for any industry, such as energy field, pharmaceutical industry, metal industry, oil and gas, automotive, space, food and beverage, marine, petro chemistry, paper / wood / water treatment, education and research…

For special requests within this core business, our engineering department will analyze your specifications and design a customized solution, relying on our knowledge and skills in Test and Measurement. Click here to learn more about our know-how in engineering.

Electrical motor control pole

World leader for starters of electrolytic and electronic starters for cage and slipring motors, AOIP has designed and manufactured starters for asynchronous motors for more than 60 years.

Adapted to withstand all weather conditions from extreme cold to tropical environments, more than 500,000 of our starters have been installed in plants in the cement and mining sector as well as in power plants, pumping stations and manufacturing plants in over 80 countries.

High level of COFRAC accredited services

Specialist of precision instrumentation, AOIP also offers related verification and calibration services through SOFIMAE, in-house service company 100% subsidiary of AOIP. ISO 9001 certified, SOFIMAE performs for AOIP the following services in its metrology laboratories:

SOFIMAE services:

  • COFRAC calibration in Temperature: N°2.1525 *
  • COFRAC calibration in Electricity-Magnetism: N°2.1144 *
  • COFRAC calibration in Time-Frequency: N°2.1227 *
  • Non-COFRAC calibration in the same areas
  • Repair of measurement instruments

* All ranges are available on request or on COFRAC website at