Calibration and verification, maintenance and repairs, training, commissioning and rental services

AOIP offers a broad scope of services from verification and calibration of your instruments to maintenance and commissioning, in order to help you to reach the requirements of your market.

Our scope of services:

  • Assistance and technical advices
  • Calibration and test reports by SOFIMAE laboratory
    • COFRAC certification and test reports in temperature (N°2.1525 *), electricity-magnetism (N°2.1144 *) and time-frequency (N°2.1227 *)
    • Factory test reports
  • Instrument repair
  • Maintenance, assistance and metrology contracts:
    • Preventive maintenance, verification
    • Corrective maintenance
  • Instrument rental
  • General or specific trainings, agreement n°11.91. 01.08 991
  • Commissioning and onsite assistance

*Ranges, domains, uncertainties and validity of accreditation are available in the opposite section and on COFRAC website at

The long-term experience of AOIP in the conception and manufacturing of test and measurement instrumentation and motor control starters guarantees a high quality level of maintenance and verification of your instruments.

Combining its traditional know-how with the COFRAC accreditations of SOFIMAE laboratory and ISO 9001 certification, AOIP has the ability to provide adequate assistance and advice to users.

As full member of SIMTEC, French national union for test and measurement instrumentation and energy conversion in the electronic Field, AOIP is a main actor for maintenance and verification of sets of instrumentation. Feel free to contact us by phone or email for more information.