The excellence of a COFRAC accredited quality system and human expertise in our calibration laboratories

Specialist of precision instrumentation, AOIP also offers related verification and calibration services through SOFIMAE, in-house service company 100% subsidiary of AOIP that is ISO 9001 certified as well as AOIP.

Founded in 1972, SOFIMAE has always been specialized in Metrology in the fields of Electricity-Magnetism (COFRAC accreditation from 1989), Time-Frequency (COFRAC accreditation in 1992) and in Maintenance of any measuring instruments.
Today, the Services division of AOIP is located in AOIP buildings in Ris-Orangis, France, and provides Metrology services in Temperature as well, also guaranteed by a COFRAC accreditation.

Metrology laboratories under constant monitoring and traceable reference standards
The Metrology laboratory is in an air-conditioned room, with temperature and hygrometry constantly monitored. It is equipped with high accurate traceable reference standards, periodically verified and directly connected to the International System of Units (SI). It guarantees the metrological traceability of measurements performed by the laboratory and the calibration at very low levels of uncertainties on all your instruments, sensors and temperature chains. The issue of COFRAC calibration certificates and test reports certifies the good quality and traceability of measurements to the International System of Units (SI).

Our services are performed in compliance with the legislation and its quality & traceability requirements, using documented methods and procedures validated by a duly authorized, qualified and experienced staff.

The excellence of SOFIMAE’s quality system and service performances is also ensured by its qualifications, accreditations and certifications:

 ISO 9001 certification
The technical center of SOFIMAE is ISO 9001 certified, which guarantees:

  • A policy totally oriented towards customer satisfaction
  • The good quality of processes
  • The continuous efforts for improving services performances
  • The sustainability of SOFIMAE

The objectives of our quality approach are as follows:

  • Identifying and meeting the needs and expectations of our customers and all further stakeholders, in order to be more competitive
  • Enhancing systematically customer satisfaction by fulfilling their requirements
  • Reaching, keeping and continuously improving SOFIMAE capabilities and performances

 COFRAC accreditations (French Committee of Accreditation) of SOFIMAE
The calibration laboratory of SOFIMAE is COFRAC accredited in three areas:

  • Electricity-Magnetism: N°2.1144 *
  • Temperature: N°2.1525 *
  • Time-Frequency: N°2.1227 *

* Comprehensive information about the accreditation (range, areas, uncertainties and validity of accreditation) is available on this website (Metrology services) or on COFRAC website at

COFRAC international recognition

COFRAC is the French Comittee of Accreditation, internationally recognized by the members of:

  • EA (European cooperation for Accreditation)
  • ILAC (International Laboratory Accreditation Cooperation)
  • IAF (International Accreditation Forum)