Calibration services, the excellence of the COFRAC accredited laboratory SOFIMAE

Specialist of precision instrumentation, AOIP also offers related verification and calibration services through SOFIMAE, in-house service company that is 100% subsidiary of AOIP.

The excellence of SOFIMAE’s quality system and service performances is ensured by its ISO 9001 certification and COFRAC accreditations in three fields:

  • Electricity-Magnetism: N°2.1144 *
  • Temperature: N°2.1525 *
  • Time-Frequency: N°2.1227 *

*Ranges, domains, uncertainties and validity of the accreditations are available in the opposite section and on COFRAC website at

COFRAC is the French Comittee of Accreditation, internationally recognized by the members of:

  • EA (European cooperation for Accreditation)
  • ILAC (International Laboratory Accreditation Cooperation)
  • IAF (International Accreditation Forum)

COFRAC or non COFRAC metrology, two levels of services according to your needs

Two levels of services are offered: COFRAC or non COFRAC with traceability to national standards. In order to help you choose between the two levels of services, please consult the guide.

What is the suitable level of services according to requirements


COFRAC metrology, ensuring technical and documentary traceability

Choosing COFRAC metrology ensures the technical and documentary traceability of the measurements performed on your instruments:

  • Technical traceability: Delivering a COFRAC calibration certificate ensures traceability of calibration results to the International System of units (SI).
  • Documentary traceability: It is guaranteed by the edition of a state-of-the-art COFRAC calibration certificate compliant to reference documentation stating among others:
    • Calibration conditions
    • Methods
    • Calibration results
    • Associated measurement uncertainties

COFRAC calibration certificate or COFRAC test report ?

Two types of documents can be issued according to your needs: a COFRAC test report or a COFRAC calibration certificate. In order to choose the suitable document according to your needs, please consult the guide below that is generally accepted. It is issued from the application of NFX 07-010 and NFX 07-011 French standards, as well as of AFAQ and COFRAC rules and recommendations.


A comparison to a standard whose traceability to national or international standards is ensured is absolutely necessary.

COFRAC calibration certificate

SOFIMAE performs a statement of measurement points on the instrument and compares them to a calibrated standard. It will enable the user to directly evaluate the conformity of the measurements according to his own requirements and to eventually make corrections.

COFRAC test report

After testing the instrument, SOFIMAE issues a COFRAC test report, summarizing the calibration results. The document states the instrument complies with the manufacturer or client specifications. It can be delivered with or without the list of points tested. A non-compliant instrument is adjusted to the original specifications (when possible). 

The COFRAC test report shows the following verdict: the instrument tested does or does not comply with the specifications stated in the manual and applicable standards. The ranges beyond specifications are clearly identified and values of points are given. 

The calibration and the edition by SOFIMAE of a calibration report are performed according to the French standard NFX 07-011. The instruments used for measurements are directly connected to the national standard by the laboratory. The proof of traceability is supplied together with the test report.

Fields of activities


  • Digital communication analyzers and generators
  • Jig analyzers and generators
  • Protocol analyzers
  • Generators and measuring instruments of level
  • Line measuring instruments
  • MLA


  • Radiocommunication test bench
  • Analyzers and generators
  • Radiocodes, selective call systems, audio analyzers…
  • RF amplificatory, spectral analyzers


  • VOR – ILS test bench
  • DME – TACAN test bench
  • Transponder test bench


  • Spectral analyzers, tracking generators
  • Analyzers of scalar networks and associated accessories
  • Analyzers of vector networks and associated accessories
  • Wobbulated and synthetized generators, oscillators
  • Milliwattmeters, wattmeters and associated probeset sondes associées
  • Fréquencemeters, inverters
  • Attenuators fixed, variable and with terminals
  • Couplers, reflectometrical bridges
  • Amplifiers

Energy analysis and conversion – Power supply

  • DC/AC sources
  • Simple, multiple, programmable power supplies…
  • DC/DC, AC/DC, DC/AC converters, inverters...
  • Analyzers of mains network, disturbance, power, harmonic...
  • Tellurometers, current clamps...

General purpose instrumentation

  • Multimeters, measurement of basic electrical quantities
  • Calibrators of voltage, current, resistance
  • Dielectrimeters, megohmmeters
  • Oscilloscopes, scope meters
  • Impedance bridges, RLC bridges
  • Generators of functions, pulses
  • Thermometers for resistive probes or thermocouples
  • Temperature simulators
  • Frequency meters, counting systems, chronometers, interval meters...
  • Recorders, acquisition modules, data acquisition systems 
  • Plotters
  • Low frequency, FFT, audio analyzers
  • EM compatibility (outside antennas), generators, analyzers, testers, networks…
  • Vibration test benches (outside sensors and excitators)