Maintenance and repair

To send your instruments back for maintenance and repair, AOIP invites you to follow the procedure below according to your location.

To get information about current repairs on your instruments, please contact our customer service by phone or email.

For maintenance and assistance contracts, feel free to contact us.

Customer service – Maintenance and repairs

Tel: +33 169 028 900

Return material procedure for maintenance and repairs

1. Repair request

  • By online form:
    We invite you to fill in the online form to reduce processing time.

2. Acknowledgment of repair

An acknowledgement of repair shall be sent back to you by email within 2 days from reception of your request.

In case of instruments with a fixed price for repair, you will receive the quotation for repair and optional calibration services simultaneously with the acknowledgment for repair. In other cases, the quotation will be sent to you after inspection of the instrument.

3. Expedition of the instrument

At this stage, you can send the instrument for repair together with a copy of the acknowledgment of repair to our technical center.

Technical center
Zone ACTICENTRE – Bâtiment H – Accès H1
156 / 220 rue des Famards
F-59273 Fretin