AOIP offers recycling solutions to its customers

To fulfill its obligations, AOIP joins Recylum and finances the official collection and recycling chain for Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment for professionals (WEEE* Pro). This voluntary commitment allows AOIP customers to benefit from simple and cost-free solutions for the recycling of their instruments.

Recylum, non-profit organization approved by the government, collects and recycles for free all the electrical and electronic equipment waste from the building, industrial, research and medical industries (categories 5, 8 and 9 of WEEE* regulations).

AOIP customers can dispose of their waste equipment free of charge. The waste will be handled and processed strictly according to the regulations, as ensured by the edition of a conformity certificate. They just have to take contact with Recylum to know the most suitable collection solution for their needs.

For collection solutions, consult

Electrical and electronic equipment contain pollutants (electronic cards, batteries, displays, capacitors, mercury etc) . Depollution and recycling will help to conserve natural resources, including strategic raw materials.

* Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment or DEEE in French (Articles R543 -172 and following of the French Environment law book)