ASGARD develops its business in « Test & Measurement » by acquiring DIMELCO



ASGARD Group develops its “Test & Measurements” business by acquiring DIMELCO Company that becomes a 100% subsidiary 




For the past 30 years, DIMELCO has offered to its customers test and measurement instruments for industrial use, and has also provided maintenance and calibration services. Specialized distributor, acting in France, DIMELCO offers comprehensive solution tailored to the demands of its customers and performs related services (commissioning, users training…). With 22 employees, DIMELCO achieved a turnover of € 4.2 million in 2012. DIMELCO headquarter is near Lille. ASGARD logo

ASGARD group focus on Test & Measurement

ASGARD Group has become since its creation in 2002, a recognized supplier in “Test & Measurement”, its solutions being used by more than 40,000 customers in sixty countries covering all industries and laboratories. DIMELCO acquisition allows ASGARD to strengthen this “T & M” activity that already represents more than 60% of its turnover. AOIP has been manufacturing and marketing for more than 100 years measurements equipments. EUROTRON, an Italian subsidiary, also produces and sells T & M equipments, especially gas analyzers. Since 1972, SOFIMAE has been offering maintenance and calibration services to its industrial customers. SOFIMAE has three COFRAC accredited laboratories.

ASGARD also includes two other subsidiaries: NOXHOM & ALLIANSYS. NOXHOM designs and sells security products. ALLIANSYS is a contract electronics manufacturer that offers product development, sourcing, procurement, electronic boards assembly, products integration, logistics and after-sales services. ASGARD and ALLIANSYS headquarter are in Honfleur (Normandy), AOIP, SOFIMAE and NOXHOM are based in Ris-Orangis, near Paris. EUROTRON headquarter is in Sesto San Giovanni (Milan).