picto fleche Expandable 3-channel precision thermometer for PRTs, thermocouples, thermistors and 4-20 mA transmitters, -270°C to 1820°C

The very high accuracy 3-channel thermometer MilliK is capable of performances of 0.003°C with SPRTs and PRTs and high accuracy measurements with thermistors, thermocouples and even 4-20 mA process inputs. The number of channels can be expanded to 33 inputs with the MillisKanner.

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The MilliK precision thermometer sets a new standard for the high accuracy measurement and calibration of Platinum resistance thermometers, thermistors, thermocouple and process instrumentation (4-20 mA) over the range -270°C to 1820°C.

In addition to low uncertainty measurements from reference standards and industrial sensor measurement, the MilliK can control temperature sources (liquid baths and dry blocks), sequencing through a programmable list of temperature set points and logging data to internal memory or a USB drive.

The MilliK has two input channels for sensors and a third channel for current. Combined to MillisKanner, it can be expanded to become a measuring system with up to 33 channels reading SPRTs, RTDs, thermistors, or thermocouples with the option to control calibration baths and log readings accurately.

High accuracy and high resolution

Accuracy is < ±5 ppm for PRTs, ±2 μV for thermocouples and ±1 μA for transmitters

The display resolution is 0.0001°C (0.1 mK) and is made possible by using a powerful ADC to achieve a true measuring resolution of just 28 μΩ equivalent to 0.00007°C (0.07 mK) for PRT inputs.

The MilliK can display in °C, °F, K, Ohms, mV and mA with numeric and graphical display modes. The large back lit display makes configuring the instrument and setting the scrolling strip charts intuitive. The USB port allows for the use of a mouse, keyboard or USB Drive.

Designed for field and lab use

A robust design and operation from AC or DC power allows the MilliK to be used in the laboratory, test room or out in the field. It meets the requirements of industrial users and applications: 

Fast current reversal technology and solid state switching eliminate thermal EMF effects avoiding the errors that occur with fixed DC instruments.

PRT lead wire errors are eliminated for up to 30 m of four core screened cable.

Not only are the two sensor channels galvanically isolated, but the 4-20 mA input is also separately isolated. The benefits are no ground loops, improved safety and noise immunity.

Key features:

  • High accuracy: ±0.003°C
  • SPRTs, PRTs, Thermistors, Thermocouples and 4 – 20mA Process Inputs
  • Expandable to 33 channels
  • Controls calibration baths and dry blocks
  • Long term data acquisition
  • Eliminates unwanted thermal EMFs and lead wire errors
  • Galvanically isolated inputs
  • Connectivity: 2 serial interfaces, Ethernet and USB host

Specifications and performances in temperature, channel 1 + 2

SPRTs / PRTs: Measurement

TypeRangeResolutionAccuracy / 1 year
SPRTs0 / 115 Ω0.0001°C
0.00001 Ω
At 0°C: 4 mK
Over full range: 7 mK
PRTs0 / 460 Ω0.0001°C
0.00001 Ω
At 0°C: 4 mK
Over full range: 7 mK

Temperature conversions: IEC 60751 (2008), Callendar-van Dusen, ITS-90
Measuring current: 1 mA and 1.428 mA at ±0.4% reversing
Keep-warm current: 1 mA and 1.428 mA

Thermistors: Measurement




Accuracy / 1 year


0 / 500 kΩ

0.0001°C / 0.001 Ω

150 ppm

Measuring current: 5 µA reversing

Thermocouples: Measurement

TypeRangeResolutionAccuracy / 1 year
B±115 mV0.0001°C / 0.00001 mV4 µV / 0.46°C
E±115 mV0.0001°C / 0.00001 mV4 µV / 0.06°C
J±115 mV0.0001°C / 0.00001 mV4 µV / 0.07°C
K±115 mV0.0001°C / 0.00001 mV4 µV / 0.10°C
L±115 mV0.0001°C / 0.00001 mV4 µV / 0.07°C
N±115 mV0.0001°C / 0.00001 mV4 µV / 0.12°C
R±115 mV0.0001°C / 0.00001 mV4 µV / 0.34°C
S±115 mV0.0001°C / 0.00001 mV4 µV / 0.38°C
T±115 mV0.0001°C / 0.00001 mV4 µV / 0.09°C
Au/Pt±115 mV0.0001°C / 0.00001 mV4 µV / 0.23°C

Specifications and performances in process, channel 3

Current: Measurement

RangeResolutionAccuracy / 1 year
0-30 mA0.001 mA0.02% RDG

Further features

Statistical functionsIn addition to instantaneous display, the user can select mean of 2-100 measurements with standard deviation
Measurement time950 ms

General specifications

Size255 x 255 x 114 mm
Weight2.25 kg
DisplayGraphical color back-lit LCD display, 230 x 420
Display unit: °C, °F, K, Ω, mV, mA
Power supply88 / 264 V RMS, 47/63Hz
6 Watts
BatteriesType: 4 x AA cells
Communication portsSerial interface, Ethernet, USB
Storage capacity> 180 days of measurements stored with date and time on internal memory

Environmental specifications

Reference range15 to 30°C (RH: 10 to 90 % w/o condensing)
Operating reference range0 to 45°C (RH: 0 to 99% w/o condensing)


MilliK 924               3-channel expandable precision thermometer for PRTs, thermocouples, thermistors and 4-20 mA transmitters, -270°C to 1820°C

Delivered in standard with:

Cal Notepad software

Serial communication cable

User manual

Traceable certificate

External channel expander:

914a                      MillisKanner channel expander (first unit)

Delivered in standard with:

  • Connection cable for MilliK

932-42-33               Universal power supply 90 / 240 V (50/60 Hz), to power up to 4 MillisKanner units

914-03-02               Digital connection cable

914-02-02               Additional connection cable MilliK / MillisKanner

914b                      Scanner MillisKanner (référence à utiliser à partir du deuxième MillisKanner commandé)

Livré en standard avec :

  • Câble de connexion MillisKanner / MillisKanner

914-02-03               DC supply cable (universal power supply not required)

914-03-02               Digital connection cable

914-02-04               Additional connection cable MillisKanner / MillisKanner

Working standard Pt100:

935-14-13/TTI         Semi standard Pt100 (-196°C to 250°C), with LEMO connector and carrying case

935-14-16/TTI         Semi standard Pt100 (-100°C to 450°C), with LEMO connector and carrying case

935-14-61/TTI         Semi standard Pt100 (-50°C to 250°C), with LEMO connector and carrying case

935-14-72/TTI         Semi standard Pt100 (-50°C to 670°C), with LEMO connector and carrying case

935-14-95H/TTI       Semi standard Pt100 (-80°C to 670°C), with LEMO connector and carrying case

935-14-95L/TTI        Semi standard Pt100 (-200°C to 165°C), with LEMO connector and carrying case

Semi standard PRT:

909L/100/480/TTI    Semi standard Pt100 in metal (-200°C to 165°C), length: 480 mm, with LEMO connector and carrying case

909Q/100/480/TTI    Semi standard Pt100 in quartz (-200°C to 550°C), length: 480 mm, with LEMO connector and carrying case


956                       Terminal adapter

931-22-102             Soft carrying case

Packing information:

Size                       255 x 255 x 114 mm

Weight                   2.25 kg


Data management software