TNE2 (1) - AOIP, Instrumentation de test et mesure, contrôle moteur
TNE2 (2) - AOIP, Instrumentation de test et mesure, contrôle moteur


picto fleche Monofunction panel meter for temperature measurements

TNE2 is a 2,000 point monofunction digital panel meter 72 x 24 mm for temperature measurements.

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TNE2 is a 2,000 monofunction digital panel meter 72 x 24 mm for temperature measurements. It can be used together with temperature sensors. Temperature is displayed in °C. Those industrial instruments are automatically delivered with a removable screwing connector and an analogue output.

The large readable display is made of red LEDs (green or yellow in option).

  • Panel meter size: 72 mm x 24 mm
  • IP40 protected
  • Measurement and display of:
    • Temperature with thermocouples type K or J
  • Temperature with thermoresistance

Temperature indicator

Sensor type Range Resolution Accuracy (1 year)
(23°C ±1°C)
Tc K -35 to +199.9°C
-70 to 1200°C
0.1% RDG + 0.3°C
0.1% RDG + 2°C
Tc J -80 to +940°C 1°C 0.1% RDG + 2°C
Pt100 -150 to +199.9°C
-200 to +650°C
0.1% RDG + 0.3°C
0.1% RDG + 2°C

Temperature coefficient: ≤ accuracy/10°C.
The correction of reference junction is into the screwing connector.
Maximal uncertainty due to reference junction: 0.5°C; if external CJC: 0.3°C

3 wires mounting.
Acceptable line resistance: 10 ohm per wire (maximum unbalanced between wires 0.04 Ω)
Measurement current in sensor: < 0.4 mA

Further features

Linear analogue output 1 mV / digit
Linearity:  ±0.1%
Acceptable load: 2 kW
Non insulated analogue output
Zeroing and polarity Automatic
Sampling rate 2.5 samples / s

General specifications

Size 99 x 36 x 120 mm
Weight 300 g
Supply 230 V ±10% (50/60 Hz)
Other power supplies available in option

Environmental specifications

Reference range 23°C ±1°C (45 to 75% w/o condensing)
Operating reference range 0 to 50°C (RH: 20 to 75% w/o condensing)
Limit operating range -10°C to +50°C (RH: 10 to 80% w/o condensing)
Indice de protection IP40 in ABS case
IP65 in watertight metallic case



Ordering reference code: Type-Display-Power supply-Metal enclosure


Pt100 resolution 1°C         P10

Pt100 resolution 0.1°C      P11

Type J resolution 1°C       J40

Type K resolution 1°C       K60

Type K resolution 0.1°C    K61


Red                                R

Green                             V

Isolated power supply:

48 V~                              9

230 V~                            8

115 V~                            7

24 V~                              6

36 to 72 V-                      5

18 to 36 V-                      4

9 to 18 V-                        3

5 V-                                2

Metal enclosure:

Without                           0

With                               1


AMD001                 Adapter for 75 x 25 mm

PEM40254-001B      Metal Enclosure VNE2/TNE2, Waterproof front side

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