EASYLAN (1) - AOIP, Instrumentation de test et mesure, contrôle moteur
EASYLAN (2) - AOIP, Instrumentation de test et mesure, contrôle moteur


picto fleche LAN tester and certification, CAT3 to 6, 300 MHz

EASYLAN is a powerful LAN tester for certification of copper cables, optical cables and networks up to 30 MHz. It stores up to 1,700 tests managed by sites and enables users to issue comprehensive certification reports using EASYSOFT software.

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EASYLAN is a powerful LAN tester for cabling certification. With 300 MHz pass band, it validates cabling systems well above specifications of the TIA standard, level III. In case of non-conformity, EASYLAN is able to detect the origin of the fault: connector, cable…

EASYLAN is suitable for certification over:

  • Copper and optical cabling systems up to Cat 6
  • Networks such as Ethernet, ATM, Tokenring as well as Gigabit-Ethernet.

The embedded site manager enables the operator to sort certifications efficiently, regardless of the size of the site or the number of average size sites. The ID generator total test duration is reduced due to the use of the ID generator by automatic recognition of the plugs. Test conclusion (pass or fail) is displayed on EASYLAN and the remote unit.

High quality reports

The 1,700 test results stored in the memory of the instrument can be transferred to PC and managed by EASYSOFT software to create certification reports site by site. Reports include all test parameters and graphics requested by the standards and can be presented under comprehensive or short format. 


Forget about technique, EASYLAN will undertake it for you. It certifies your LAN according to the selected standard, and tests all parameters required by it. Now, more than ever easy-to-use, spend your time in certifying and not on training.

Time & money saving

The ultimate operation in the cabling installation is the cabling system’s certification, for which time left is always counted. EASYLAN easy-to-use interface prevents users to face delay penalties by saving time and improving team’s coordination using the built-in intercom. 

Key features:

  • 1,700 autotests stored
  • Simultaneous management of 10 sites
  • CAT3 to 6 / Class C to E
  • Tests up to 300 MHz
  • Easy to use with Autotest key


Bandwidth 1 to 300 MHz
TIA/EIA 568 level III accuracy

Test parameters

Wire map Miswire detection
Length Accuracy: ±0.3 m
Propagation delay Accuracy: ±10 ns
Delay skew
DC loop resistance Accuracy: ±0.5 Ω
Return loss
Attenuation According to the selected standard
TDR fault location
Voltage detection U < 2 V

Test standards

US standards TIA/EIA 568 category 3, 5, 5E, 6
International standards ISO/IEC 11801 Class C, D, E
IEEE 802.3-.5
European standards EN 50173 Class C, D, E
Others AZ/NZS 3080

Cabling system and networks

Cabling system Copper cabling: Coaxial, UTP, FTP, STP, SCTP, SFTP and SSTP
Fiber’s LAN: multimode and singlemode
Networks Easylan certifies following networks:
10BASE-2, 10BASE-5, 10BASE-T, 100BASE-TX, 1000BASE-T, Ethernet, 4Mb-16Mb TOKEN-RING,ATM155/51

General specifications

Size Tester and remote unit: 260 x 166 x 60 mm
Weight Tester and remote unit: 1.1 kg
Complete set: 4.6 kg
Affichage LCD graphical display with backlight, 192 x 128 pixels
Menu in 5 languages: English, French, German, Italian and Spanish
Batteries Type: Ni/Mh
Charging time: 3 h
Battery life: 10 h
Communication ports RS 232
Talk set interface with stereo jack
Storage capacity 1,700 autotests
Simultaneous management of 10 sites

Environmental specifications

Reference range 23°C ±5°C (45 to 75% w/o condensing)
Operating reference range 0 to 50°C (RH: 20 to 80% w/o condensing)
Limit operating range -10°C to +55°C (RH: 10 to 80% w/o condensing)
Storage temperature limits -20°C to +55°C
Indice de protection IP40 according to EN60529

Safety specifications

Class In accordance with EN 61010-1
Category II, pollution 2
Rated voltage 60 V
Chocks and vibrations EN61010-1
EMC conformity Immunity:

  • EN 61000-4-2
  • EN 61000-4-3
  • EN 61000-4-5
  • EN 61000-4-6
  • EN 61000-4-11
  • EN 61000-4-4

Conducted and radiated emissions:

  • EN 55011, class A


EASYLAN              LAN tester CAT6

Delivered in standard with:

  • 1 remote unit
  • 1 test unit
  • 2 PL1 lest leads
  • 2 power adapters 230 V
  • 2 female RJ45 adapters
  • 1 certification software and RS 232 serial communication cable
  • Universal test leads

AN6010                 Removable battery pack

ER 40943-001         Charger power supply adapter with European plug

ER 40943-002         Charger power supply adapter with UK plug

Accessories for optical modules:

ATL800                  Optical unit measurer: 850 / 1300 / 1310 / 1550 nm (ST connector)

ATL850                  Optical source: 850 nm (multimode) (ST connector)

ATL1300                Optical source: 1300 nm (multimode) (ST connector)

ATL1310L               Laser optical source: 1310 nm (single mode) (ST connector)

ATL1550L               Laser optical source: 155 0nm (single mode) (ST connector)


QMB30ES              Periodic adjustment & test report

QMB30EN           Test report according to NFX07-011 standard 


GAR001                 Extension of warranty period up to 3 years

Packing information:

Size of test & remote unit           260 x 166 x 60 mm

Weight                   1.1 kg per device

                            4.6 kg complete set

Product Description Release Type


D.06 exe

Instruction manual

NTA47061-100B pdf

Data management software

D.06 exe